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Since decades, incentives are a long-standing motivation and accomplishment promoting instrument. Nowadays it's going to be more and more difficult to motivate customers and co-workers for more readiness and performance. The more a human being becomes motivated, the more its performance and will to work harder is rising.

You want to show your gratitude to your long-time customers and co-workers for their long-termed performace and loyality, and you want to offer them something “exceptional” and “exclusive” that they won't forget so fast?
Then, you are exactly right with us!

We draw up an offer for you based on your wishes and introductions, should it be an unforgetable and exclusive Formule 1 event in Europe or overseas, a security driving training at the Hockenheimring or a trip to the final of the Euro 2004 in Portugal, no problem at all, we organize and plan individually on your wishes and demands.

Of course, it necessarily doesn't have to be a sport event, you can ask us for every kind of event.There's no unusual inquiriy for us. From a dream vacation on the Balearic Islands up to adventure safari in Africa.

Please approach your wishes to us under the following numbers, phone: +49 2735-6190-0, Fax: +49 2735-6190-22 or e-mail address

We'd like to advise you!

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