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General business conditions for trip and ticket bookings

Travel performances
Our based prices comprise the expelled performances in the brochure, (package tours or only ticket packages) in general. Other performances are valid at flight trips and VIP- offers. Which performances are contractually arranged in the detail, results from the booking confirmation. With the order of individual ticket packages always are also a German travel guide as well as a shuttle- transfer from our as well as hotels our tourism partner accomplishment constituent of the contract. At the booking of several places, the places are side by side after possibilty.

All bookings in the framework of short trips and ticket orders have binding character for the booking in principle. With your registration, an offer originates in the sense of the civil right, which leads to the contract through our confirmation. Providad that only ticket packages are ordered, Brato's Sportreisen acts only as a go-between. Organizer then is the organizer of the respective race which is the imprint of the admission ticket to be taken. There is a claim on the reserved hotel room and the platform places only when the registration entered in time.

If platform places and/or the wished hotel rooms shoul be booked up at the time of registration, so the booking person shoul get informed instantaneously about this and about alternatives by Brato's Sportreisen. Agree to the booking person the proposed alterations, so his consent doesn't need the writing form. The alteration becomes binding through written confirmation of the organizer of both sides, if the booking person doesn´t contradict in writing within 48 hours. If merely individual platform places are no more available, the organizer has the right to rebook the booked places at most without prior announcement on other places until the next-higher category. This is binding for the booking person.

Cancellation/resignation costs
The customer can be replaced with a third before travel beginning, a treatment payment of EUR 80,00 per person at flight trips, and EUR 26,00 at journeys by bus will be charged by Brato´s Sportreisen. Brato's Sportreisen can disagree with the admission of a third instead of the traveler if this third doesn't suffice the particular travel requirements or opposes its participation of legal rule or official order. Enter the contract a third, so he and the traveler Brato's Sportreisen are liable as debtor for the travel price and the additional costs which arised through the admission of the third emerging.

Transfers of dates, destination or accommodation are possible only through resignation of the travel contract with following a new registration. The resignation explanation should take place in writing for evidence protection reasons. The reception of the resignation explanation is decisive at Brato's Sportreisen. At resignation of the travel participant, instead of the concrete calculation of the compensation for the resignation under consideration of the usual ones, expenditures and the usually spared possible acquisition's of the tour guide Brato´s Sportreisen can currently valid following estimated cancellation compensations:

Through 60 days before arrival 25 percent of the travel price
from 59 to 31 days before arrival 35 percent of the travel price
from 30 to 21 days before arrival 45 percent of the travel price
from 20 to 6 days before arrival 75 percent of the travel price
from the 5. day before arrival and non-commencement 100 percent of the travel price

Ticket packages are excluded from the above-mentioned estimated cancellation compensations! The retraction or the exchange already ordered ticket packages are not possible and are calculated with 100 percent.

The cancellation regulation is valid also with partial cancellations in each case. When crossing the date of payment, the organizer is authorized to view the booking as cancelled from the 59th day for event beginning on. The above-mentioned cancellation squadron then is valid regarding the cancellation costs.

A cancellation of performances besides the named performances (for example ticket packages or estimated trips for further races) as well as from flight trips and VIP-offers is not possible in principle, the full price of the booked performance becomes due. A cancellation is possible only when the canceled place can be sold again.

The travel participant is liberty to prove that no or a more inferior damage was created to Brato`s Sportreisen, as which demanded from her estimated. Should the originated costs for Brato`s Sportreisen which were arised through the resignation be higher than the stated lump-sums, so this higher amount is owed from the traveller.

At bookings more than 6 weeks before travel commencement is worth a general resignation right of 10 days after order. The conclusion of a resignation cost insurance is recommended expressly.

Printed ticket price
The prospected ticket prices don't correspond to the price imprint on the card. They contain all own and foreign dues as well as the proportionate ones funding and procurement costs. The publiseh price list to that date is worth until the appearance of a new one.

Maturity of the travel price
The complete travel price is due at the latest 7 working days after account date. Together with the bill, the customer gets the protection appearance. Deviated maturities are valid if these are expelled separately. When crossing the date of payment, the organizer is authorized to view the booking as cancelled from the 59th day for event beginning on. The above-mentioned cancellation squadron then is valid regarding the cancellation costs. Didn't pay tickets and arrangements are not sent.

Shipping and treatment lump sum/danger transition
For each ticket package booking, it will be charged an unparalleled shipping, and treatment lump sum of EUR 20,00 home / EUR 55,00 abroad, independently from the number of the booked places. The danger transition of the cards is the shipping place Siegen. The delivery of the participation records, especially of the admission tickets and flight tickets takes place per registered letters / return certificate or with a courier - / package service.

Shipments of the documents
The shipment of the travel documents takes place approximately 14 days before travel commencement. Brato's Sportreisen reserves itselves, to hand over travel the documents of foreign travel performer (for example admission tickets hotel vouchers etc) in the destination area. Time and place are choosen by Brato's Sportreisen.
The shipment of the documents takes place on risk of the recipient. For lost and stolen cards, no substitute can be achieved.

Brato's Sportreisen takes responsibility for the conscientious preparation of the performance, the careful selection and supervision of the top performer, and proper production of the contractually arranged performance, in the framework of the diligence duty of a neat merchant. If the performance shouldn´t be possible or only on the basis of unforeseen basic conditions under disproportionate expenditures, so a compensation is offered.

The participation in the event takes place on own risk and own responsibility.

The contractual liability of Brato`s Sportreisen for damages, that are not body damages, is limited on the triple travel price as far as a damage was not brought about purposely or roughly carelessly. The same is valid for Brato´s Sportreisen if the damage however is responsible because of a top performers fault.

Offence damages claims: Brato`s Sportreisen is liable for all damages claims because of damages from forbidden action per tidings and trip as far as a damage was not caused purposely or roughly carelessly, in each case as far as to EUR 4.091,00. If however, the travel price is over EUR 1.364,00, the limitation on the triple travel price is valid. The legal regulations are valid by the way.

If liability limitations for top perfomer of Brato`s Sportreisen are intend in international agreeing or on such founded rules, Brato`s Sportreisen can appoint on these for itself with corresponding damage cases.

Claims to not contract-appropriate disposal of the trip and offence claims has to put forward by the travel participant opposite Brato´s Sportreisen within one month after contractually intended completion of the trip. It is recommended to announce the claims in writing. After course of the period, claims can only be done then current if the travel participant was prevented from the observance without fault.

The traveler and Brato`s Sportreisen arrange a limitation period of one year for contractual claims of the traveler. Offence claims are superannuated in three years. The limitation begins on the day, at which the trip should finish after the contract. If the traveler put forward the claims, so the limitation is inhibited until the day, at which the organizer refuses the continuation to the negotiation. The limitation steps at the earliest three months after the end of the inhibition of one.

With demolition of the race or the training runs, no claim exists on reimbursement of the proportionate rice or ticket price. The respective race organizer is liable alone for the transactions and course.

One have to comply the organization personnel's and their assistance instructions. With offence and with every type of dangerous behavior, an admonition takes place until to the immediate exclusion of the event at first. Brato's Sportreisen keeps the claim to the travel price in this case. The trouble-maker carries possible additional costs for the return transportation itself.

Resignation/termination through Brato's sport trips
Brato's Sportreisen can terminate the travel contract without observance of a period if the transaction of the trip is disturbed influencly by the traveler despite a corresponding admonition persistently. The same is valid if somebody behaves contract-unfavorable to strong extent. Brato's Sportreisen keeps the claim to the travel price in this case. The trouble-maker carries possible additional costs for the return transportation itself.

If an expressly written out minimum number of participants is not succeeded, Brato's Sportreisen is justifiable to cancel the trip until 16 days before travel beginning. An already paid travel price is refunded in this case instantaneously.

If the transaction for Brato's Sportreisen is not reasonable for the trip by exhausting all possibilities, because the booking emergence is so low for the trip, so that the emerging costs covered on the trip is not covered, Brato`s Sportreisen is justifiable to cancel the trip until four weeks before travel beginning.

Program alterations
It can be proved as necessary to alter individual travel performances also after contract end. If the trip is considerable impeded because of higher force, endangers or impairs, both contract parts can terminate the trip. At termination before travel beginning, the travel participant gets back the paid price instantaneously. A continuing claim doesn't exist. Already for produced performances, Brato's Sportreisen can ask a compensation. If the named circumstances emerge after commencement of the trip, the travel contract can also be terminated by both sides. If the contract is terminated becuase of the previously named reasons, Brato's Sportreisen has a compensation claim produced or still to produce travel performances. Alterations on the part of the motoring authorities don't entitle to the repayment of the travel price.

Siegen (Germany) is fulfillment place and jurisdiction for complaints against Brato's Sportreisen.

Other regulations and agreements
These conditions are valid, generally not in the individual travel contracts individual agreements is met.

This us to the disposal put data is processed wise EDP in the framework of the appropriation of the contract, stored and passed on. Person-referential data are protected in accordance with the federal data protection law.

Obvious pressure and miscalculations entitle Brato's Sportreisen to the contestation of the contract.

The prominent regulations have only validity, provided generally and after printing taking effect legal rules no other regulations protrudes. The inefficiency of individual regulations doesn't lead to the inefficiency of the entire travel contract.

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